Blue Spring – Te Waihou Walkway

Blue Spring - Te Waihou Walkway

The Blue Spring at Te Waihou Walkway is internationally acclaimed with water so pure it supplies around 70% of New Zealand’s bottled water.

TIME 5.5 - 6 hrs | ADULT FARE $90 | MIN GUESTS 2 Adults

The Te Waihou Walkway and The Blue Spring is located in South Waikato. The spring is fed from the Mamaku Plateau where the water takes up to 100 years to filter through, resulting in pure and clean water that produces a beautiful blue colour while being virtually clear.


Te Waihou Walkway is 4.7 kilometres one way, with an average walking time of 1.5 hours.


We drop you at Whites Road where you walk to the springs following a track alongside the Waihou River, through wetlands, across rolling pastoral land.


You will see views of small waterfalls, native bush and the famous Blue Spring and we then arrange to pick you up the other side at Leslie Road car park.


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