Nikau Caves & Waterfall Tour

Nikau Caves

These hands-on limestone caves, complete with glow worms, will take your breath away.

TIME 3.5 hrs | ADULT FARE $60 | MIN GUESTS 2 Adults
TIME  Half-day ADULT FARE $85 | MIN GUESTS 2 Adults

Get ready to experience a real hands on adventure!


For this rustic tour, be prepared to climb over boulders, wade through water to view the most outstanding caves. In this untouched environment, see natural stalactites and stalagmites just as nature created. This tour takes you through caves just as they were discovered, and is like nothing you've experienced before.


Follow the river through the caves. Most of the caves are open and spacious, except for a twelve-metre length, which you must be crawl through. Be prepared to get your clothing and feet wet on this tour.


An experienced guide will lead you through the rock formations and you’ll get to see glow worms up close, like you've never seen before.


Half day Nikau Caves tour and waterfall

A half-day tour taking in the region’s most intriguing limestone formations.


Not only do we visit the Nikau Caves, we include a visit to the breathtaking Bridal Veil Falls.


Entrance fees to Nikau Caves are extra.



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